Here you can download various DWG examples which will help you to learn how to work with MeteorSpec LT.

Example #1. Power supply of small residential area

The example #1 illustrates the procedure of designing a 0.4kV installation by the Method A (the low-voltage distribution network model is located directly in the electrical installation project file). This example is adapted to the common version [IEC60502 cables] of the MeteorSpec LT.

MeteorSpec LT - Example #1. Power supply of small residential area

MeteorSpec_LT_Example_1.dwg DWG 2010

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MeteorSpec LT template

The template file includes all components needed for your work with the software. The following components and settings are saved in the template file: blocks for creation of a low-voltage distribution network model, unit types, layer names, dimensioning styles, text styles, multileader styles.

MeteorSpec LT - MeteorSpec LT template

MeteorSpec_LT_Template.dwg DWG 2010

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