What's New

Check out how MeteorSpec LT improves from version to version.

Version 2.2.0

New command "Find and Show Links" detects valid and invalid secondary objects (cable labels and resulting blocks) of distribution network models.

New report window of the "Calculation at the Node" command.

New calculator "Induction Motor Calculator". The user can calculate input currents of 3-phase, 1-phase or DC electrical motors and torque of an induction motor.

History of calculations. Using the "Object Data" command and selecting a block of results, the user can view the history of calculations at the corresponding node or line.

The Help system has been significantly expanded. The new sections "Model objects and their secondary objects" and "Support and troubleshooting" have been added.

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Version 2.1.5

New calculator "Current-carrying capacity of power cables". You can calculate the continuous current carrying capacity of multicore cables in three-phase or single-phase AC electrical circuits. The calculation procedure is based on the IEC 60364-5-52 standard.

The user can define various methods of installation, ambient properties and take into account influence of grouped cables.

New opportunities of the command "Fast power Sum". The command can generate explication tables of selected consumers and output them into the drawing. Just 4 clicks are needed to get the following table:

MeteorSpec LT - Version 2.15

Sum of power demands of the loads is calculated using all correction factors (Ku - factor of maximum utilization and Ks - factor of simultaneity), if these factors are determined.

New opportunities in the "Power Cable Data" dialog-window. If you open a drawing that contains a network model created in another regional standard, it is possible that the selected cable section has data assigned, but the description for such cable type is missing in the cable database installed for your location.

The dialog-window responds to such a conflict by showing object data in the read-only mode and indicates the "Unknown Cable Type" message. Since the version 2.15 you can easily replace an unknown type with a similar cable type from the installed database.

MeteorSpec LT - Version 2.15

You can replace types for one or more cable sections at once. Cable formulas and cable cross-sections remain unchanged during cable type replacement.

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Version 2.1

New command "Fast power Sum". This command helps the user to quickly calculate sum of power demands of any number of consumers. Additionally you can draw a cartogram of load power demands and find theoretically optimal location of a distribution substation.

MeteorSpec LT - Version 2.1

If a distribution substation is located at this point, summarized power losses at this low-voltage network will be minimum. This point is the center of power demand, so-called "center of gravity” of consumer powers. Of course this theoretical location can very rarely be practiced exactly, but it is very important for a designer to know this point for the correct choice of distribution substation place. The "Fast power Sum" command is very convenient at the preliminary design stage.

New command "Bring To Front". This command brings all objects of network model to front.

New command "Turn Network Layers Off". This command turns all network model layers off.

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Version 2.0

The evolution of the MeteorSpec continues. Taking all the best from previous versions, the MeteorSpec is powerfully developing in the direction of universal tools for electrical designers.

The main difference between version 1.0 and 2.0 is that MeteorSpec is now multiplatform and multifunctional software kit. Supported CAD platforms: AutoCAD and most vertical products, BricsCAD and GstarCAD.

Now the MeteorSpec toolkit consists of the following components:

  • MeteorSpec-NETWORK – new software component for simulation, analysis and calculation of 0.4kV distribution networks;
  • MeteorSpec-ELECTRIC – new collection of various calculators for electrical designers and students;
  • MeteorSpec-PLINE - customizable multipurpose tool for summarizing lengths and areas of any objects that can be modeled by lightweight polylines.

Connection with street lighting networks

Any junction of low-voltage distribution network simulated by the MeteorSpec-NETWORK can be used as a power supply point of a street lighting cabinet designed by the MeteorCalc SL software.

Tested in AutoCAD 2020 Tested in BricsCAD V19 Tested in GstarCAD 2019

Version 1.4

The "Power -> Current calculator" and " Current -> Power calculator" were added. Calculation of power and currents in three-phase, single-phase and DC electrical circuits.

Tested in AutoCAD 2019

Version 1.3

The "Copy Data" command was added. You can copy data from source object to destination objects by the "Copy Data" command. The "Copy Data" command intended to assign or change data of several identical objects in a file.

Tested in AutoCAD 2018

Version 1.2

Structure of the Data Library was changed. Categories of objects are added into the Data Library. We've also introduced several bug fixes.

Tested in AutoCAD 2017

Version 1.1

The "Drawing Units and Settings" dialog window was changed. You can create the work layers of the program right from the "Drawing Units and Settings" window.

Tested in AutoCAD 2016

Version 1.0

First release.

Tested in AutoCAD 2015