AutoCAD® plugin for calculating total lengths and areas of polylines

MeteorSpec exists in two versions and both of them are available to download from Autodesk Exchange Apps.

What is MeteorSpec

MeteorSpec is a multi-purpose tool for calculating total lengths and areas of different objects. These can be various pipes, cables and overhead lines, coverings, pavements, fences, curbs, communication lines etc.

Data Library

To make assigning data to polylines simple and fast, MeteorSpec has an editable Data Library, which means that you can always have a set of objects that you need for your work. All objects are separated in categories and groups, so it’s very easy to manage them. You also can share Data Library with your colleagues.

Smart Reports

The main feature of this plugin is that you can assign data to polylines, that you want to calculate. This allows you to not just get a total length or area value, but see it in the form of detailed report.


MeteorSpec supports vast majority of measurement units which you can set globally or individually per drawing.

Works in AutoCAD versions 2005 – 2016 and in most AutoCAD vertical products. Supported operation systems: Win32 and Win64.